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Tiger Cub Handbook

Welcome to Tiger Cub Preschool

Our program celebrates the preschool years as a unique and wonderful period in a child’s life. Our “hands-on” approach to learning allows exploration and discovery, and our curriculum seeks to connect new learning to the child’s own background experiences.

Adult modeling, support and encouragement promote the development of self-help and social skills, both important components of our program.  Each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive strengths and needs are assessed, and opportunities for continuous progress are presented and encouraged.  We believe that all children benefit from a quality learning environment that is inclusive and sensitive to each child’s uniqueness.  We celebrate our diversity and provide support so that all children feel welcome and are challenged to be their best self.

Because a child’s education does not begin and end at school, we recognize families as a child’s first and most important teachers. We wish to support and encourage that role in your child’s life, and view our relationship as a “team-effort.”

We actively promote your involvement at school, whether you are able to visit, volunteer in the classroom, assist with field trips and events, or join our parenting groups.