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E-202 Transition Policy (PAO-CO-2)

Tiger Cub Preschool transitions students and families into the program through annual orientation and open house meetings. Transitions within the program are facilitated through partnerships with families, teachers, family support staff, school nurses, nutrition specialists, transportation providers and the site coordinator.

Families are supported as their child transitions to a new program or into Kindergarten through information shared regarding Kindergarten orientation, open house, or enrollment.

Programs must work to ensure that children and families make a smooth transition to kindergarten. To meet these requirements staff will do the following to ease transition.

ECEAP staff and local school district staff who will plan and arrange kindergarten transition activities;

  • Family Support Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Assistant teacher
  • Elementary Principals
  • Early Childhood Directors / Coordinators

Transition activities and timelines include:

  • Take pictures of the elementary schools in your area (the front of the building, a classroom, the playground) and talk about the pictures with the children.
  • Have a Kindergarten teacher or a school principal visit the classroom, eat lunch and/or read a book.
  • Discuss new activities, schedules, rules, and bus routes to help the children feel confident.
  • Read books to the children about changes, moves and going to kindergarten.
  • Invite kindergartners or older siblings to visit and talk about how kindergarten will be different.
  • Encourage parents to take a field trip with their child to the new school during the summer.

Information and training to be provided to families.

  • A family activity focusing on transition to kindergarten is held. Time should also be taken at this meeting to discuss transitioning families into their communities (review resource guides, services/supports available to families beyond their time in ECEAP, including possible access to interpreters, etc.). Enrollment requirements will be discussed, as well as ways to acquire needed services. Discussion about the child’s educational experience through the year, including ideas to bridge the summer months between ECEAP and kindergarten. Inform families about WaKIDS and what to expect the first nine weeks of school.

Adoption Date:  First Reading 4.23, Adopted 5.23

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  • E-202 Transition Policy
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