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D-220 Field Trip Transportation Policy

Field Trip Policy
Field trips will be preplanned and emergency procedures prepared. Field trips will support the classroom educational experience and the level and cultural backgrounds of children.

See Child Care Licensing WAC 170-295-2070 to ensure full compliance with Minimum Licensing Standards.

Field Trip Procedure

  • No more than one (1) hour in one-way travel time.
  • Any ECEAP field trip must be pre-approved by the Ephrata School District Early Learning Program Manager or Specialist.
  • Private vehicles can only be used by parent / guardian or authorized people to transport their own children. No other ECEAP children may ride in another person’s private vehicle.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • The field trip will be relevant to the curriculum (reflective of needs, interests and cultures of children).
  • Staff will check that parents have signed permission for field trips. If there is no record of signed permission, written permission will be obtained.
  • Classroom discussion will happen both before and after the field trip to prepare children.
  • When possible, parents and volunteers will accompany field trips to ensure adequate supervision with appropriate adult/child ratios. There will be a ratio of at least one adult per eight children on field trips. Whenever possible the adult/child ratio should be as high as one adult per two children. It is particularly important to have a high adult to child ratio when going places that have either a large number of people present or near water (river, lakes, ocean), areas that are remote and have few emergency facilities/phones nearby.
  • Children will be counted and names recorded on an attendance sheet prior to leaving and before returning.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents will be notified of any details about each field trip.
  • Alternate arrangements will be made for children unable to participate.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend field trips, however, they may need to provide their own transportation due to limited seating in center vehicles.

Safety Policy
ECEAP staff will ensure that safety is the first priority on all field trips and outings away from the ECEAP site.

Safety Procedure

  • A minimum of two adults will accompany children on any outings that are not on ECEAP premises.
  • Children will wear identification tags or buttons on all outings including trips to nearby parks. The child's name will not appear on the tag / button. Identification shall consist of name of your child care center and the office/cell telephone number. For safety reasons, tags/buttons are not to be worn around the neck.
  • Emergency consent forms and properly stocked First Aid Kits must be taken on all field trips and other outings.
  • Teachers will work with a school nurse to ensure that medication or equipment needed to ensure the safety of a child with special medical needs (asthma, diabetes or other potentially life threatening conditions) is taken on the field trip.
  • Toileting: An ECEAP staff person will always accompany children into off-site restrooms during field trips. If gender restrictions on the public restroom facilities might interfere with this, the teaching staff are required to make arrangements to assure that teaching staff can accompany either male or female children into the public restroom.

Transportation Policy
See Child Care Licensing WAC 170-295-2070 to ensure full compliance with Minimum Licensing Standards.

Transportation Procedure

  • File current copies of all drivers’ licenses.
  • File current copies of vehicle insurance meeting Department of Licensing insurance requirements.
  • Follow the Washington Child Restraint Law (RCW 46.61.687 and RCW 46.61.688)
  • Document visual vehicle safety check before leaving from the center and again before leaving the field trip location.
  • Document vehicle safety inspections.

Adoption Date:  First Reading 4.23, Adopted 5.23

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  • D-220 Field Trip Transportation Policy
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