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D-210 Medication Management Policy (PAO-ENV-24)

Some children will require medication while in the childcare setting. The process for handling and administering medications must be well structured and carefully followed in order to ensure that the interests of the children and the providers are best served. When possible, a child’s parents and physician should try to minimize the need for medications while in childcare. Medicines ordered twice a day should normally be given before and after, rather than during, childcare hours. Medications ordered to be given three times daily also may be planned so that they are given in the morning before the child leaves for childcare, in the afternoon after the
child returns home, and again during the evening. However, in some cases, administration of medications during childcare hours is unavoidable.

Medication Consent
Center Manager or Center Assistant will administer medication only if the parent or legal guardian has provided written consent (Medication Administration form) and the medication is available in an original labeled prescription or manufacturer’s container that meets the safety check requirements.

Prescription Medication
Parents or legal guardians will provide the medication in the original, child-resistant container that is labeled by
a pharmacist with:

  • Child’s name
  • Name and strength of the medication
  • Date prescription was filled
  • Name of health care provider
  • Medication’s expiration date
  • Administration, storage and disposal instructions

Nonprescription Medication
Parents or legal guardians will provide the medication in the original container. The medication will be labeled with:

  • Child’s first and last names
  • Specific, legible instructions for administration and storage supplied by the manufacturer
  • Name of health care provider who recommended the medication for the child

Instructions for the dose, time, and how the medication is to be given, and the number of days the medication will be given will be provided to the child care staff in writing. The authorization form for medication at school (by a signed note or a prescription label) must be signed by parent / guardian and a health care provider. This requirement applies both to prescription and over-the-counter medications (Medication Administration form). A health care provider may state that a certain medication may be given for a recurring problem, emergency situation, or chronic condition or prevention. Example: sun screen,
acetaminophen, Epi-pen. The instructions should include:

  • Child’s name
  • Name of the medication
  • Dose of the medication

Adoption Date:  First Reading 4.23, Adopted 5.23

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  • D-210 Medication Management Policy
  • PAO-ENV-24