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D-202 Emergency Medical & Dental Procedure (PAO-FEP 6)

Upon enrollment families complete and update, as needed, an Emergency Contact and Parental Consent Form. This form contains contact information for parents as well as individuals authorized to pick up a child in the event of illness or emergency. It is the responsibility of the parent to complete this form and to make corrections to this information when necessary. Yearly student health forms are required.

If a child becomes ill or injured after arriving at the center, the Lead Teacher, Center Assistant or Center Director will attempt to contact the parent(s) at all available telephone numbers. If a parent cannot be reached, the individuals listed as emergency contacts/authorized pick up persons on the Emergency Contact & Parental Consent form will be called. Children who are ill or seriously injured will remain in the office under the supervision of the Center Manager or Assistant until a parent arrives.

If the child requires immediate medical attention a staff member will call 911. Staff members do not transport children for emergency medical care. The staff member who witnesses an emergency situation will remain with the injured child and instruct someone else to call 911. A staff member will accompany the child to the hospital, bring the child’s physical exam, immunization records, and Emergency Contact & Parental Consent Form . The Center Manager or Assistant will contact the parents / guardians.

Adoption Date:  First Reading 4.23, Adopted 5.23

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  • D-202 Emergency Medical & Dental Procedure
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