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A-204 Health and Advisory Committee (PAO-30)

Purpose: To meet at least once per year to discuss community health and ECEAP program needs. Quarterly meeting agendas will include review of policies and procedures, sharing best practices and trends and identifying shared activities that contribute to better health for ECEAP families and children.

The committee is composed of:

  1. ECEAP staff
  2. ECEAP parents
  3. Professionals in medical, dental, nutrition, public health, and mental health fields

Committee members agree to:

  1. Attend Health Advisory Committee meetings;
  2. Share policies and procedures for continued improvement in health and nutrition practices;
  3. Organize, coordinate and implement shared activities.

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Offer input on policy and planning related to health, nutrition, and mental health.
  2. Address issues and concerns about health service delivery.
  3. Provide opportunities for parent empowerment and leadership skill development.

ECEAP partners work together to maintain a roster of participants and minutes of Health Advisory Committee meetings.

Adoption Date:  First Reading 4.23, Adopted 5.23

  • (A)
  • A-204 Health and Advisory Committee
  • PAO-30